FEP’s Investment Philosophy is centered around:

  • Pursuing compelling markets/industries where FEP possesses industry-specific expertise
  • Adding “value” to the businesses through vertical integration solutions and introducing
    operational efficiencies
  • Elevating the business to the next level through:
    –     Building regional competencies
    –     Integrating a growth focus culture within the business
  • Maximizing shareholder value by providing appropriate exit options


The Buy-and-Build Model

01 Acquire
Takeover of distressed or underachieving assets in targeted industries and economies

02 Assign Industry Team
Assign an “Industry Team” of qualified and experienced professionals to manage the assets

03 Maximize Operational Efficiencies
Turnaround the assets over a medium time horizon through a focus on operational improvements

04 Expand Platform
Expand the business with a targeted growth strategy, into an industry champion

05 Realize Exit Gains
Pinpoint suitable exit options for superior risk-adjusted returns